TerreCoDa Inc.
220 East Ave, Batavia, New York
, 14020

Tel: (585) 343 6634, Mobile: (585) 230 8841,

About Us
TerreCoDa Inc. was started as a small business to serve a variety of disciplines that can benefit from  the newly emerging LIDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging). This technology offers a fast, accurate method of collecting dimensional data from an existing space or object. The purpose of collecting this data is to develop a virtual model of the subject that can be used as a visual display element, which can be digitally manipulated to more easily and specifically convey a proposed project scope, and secondly, to capture the existing conditions of the subject which will serve as a valuable archive for future reference.
The process is more commonly referred to as 3D laser scanning and the resulting data file is called a Point Cloud. The point clouds when combined with the latest modeling & animation software can produce a virtual tour of the subject or location with accurate detail. TerreCoDa has the latest 3D laser scanning hardware that is used to capture this information. We primarily provide it to engineering companies that use it to create the output files they need for their facilities renovation projects. TerreCoDa is striving to expand the application our services to include clients beyond the industrial arena, such as the cultural heritage preservation segment and the newly popular, fast growing gaming & virtual social networking worlds.